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Your Quick Guide To Solicitors – Read This Before You Hire One

There are many situations that will require you to seek legal advice. From a simple personal injury claim to buying a house or getting a divorce, there are many instances that need the intervention of a legal professional. The law is such a vast ocean and when you are already in a problematic situation, the least you want to be doing is trying to understand law. This is why hiring a solicitor is the best thing you can do to help yourself when you are in such a situation. Here is a quick guide that will answer all your queries to finding a solicitor for your problem.

Why do I need a solicitor?

When you have a legal problem, solicitors can provide you with the right kind of legal advice. Solicitors are trained in law and the legal system and hence can give you advice that is specific to your problem. For e.g. in some cases hiring a lawyer could actually save you from future problems that may arise from your current problem. Even though many legal issues can be dealt with by acting for yourself, the procedures involved will have a lot of jargon that are not easy to understand. Hiring a solicitor will take the paper work and the frustration out of your problem. You can also save a lot of time and effort in the bargain please visit this site

How to choose my solicitor?

The very first thing to look for in your solicitor is to see if they specialize in the relevant area of law. If you are able to get a personal recommendation through a friend or a family member, you should try to use that. Otherwise, you can look for one in your neighborhood or find one through a referral system. The next step would be to find out about the reputation of the firm. You can also go one step further and look into the individual reputation of the lawyer that will be dealing with your issue. Another important consideration is the experience of your solicitor. A lot of new comers will offer attractive packages and services but choose one with at least a 5 years of experience. This will improve your chance of finding a good solicitor and the chance of winning your case.

What are the benefits of hiring a solicitor?

Even though there are options to represent yourself in many legal situations, it is definitely more advantageous to hire a solicitor. Here is why

They are trained extensively in the field of law

They are professionals and have to abide by a code of conduct

They are covered by professional indemnity insurance in case things don’t go right

They will have experience in dealing with similar issues as yours or at least those that are related

How to find a legitimate solicitor?

Solicitors are a trained group of legal professionals that are regulated. A legitimate solicitor will be registered with a relevant governing body. Always find out if your solicitor is registered and never risk hiring anyone who is not registered even if they offer attractive packages.

How does the consultation work?

Once you have decided on a solicitor, the first thing to do is to fix an appointment with them. In most cases, you will have your appointment in five working days. In case of an urgent situation, you can ask your solicitor for an earlier appointment. You will need to take the required documents and the required ID proof for the consultation. Here are the basic things that will be discussed in the first appointment.

How the solicitor will address your issue and solve it

Details of costs involved

The approximate time involved in solving the problem

A first point of contact for all your queries

How much will I be charged?

Different solicitors have different rates for their services. Hence it is always better to negotiate charges and get a written agreement to avoid unnecessary surprises. Some solicitors have a flat-fee while others may charge on an hourly basis. A flat fee is more popular with most people as hourly charges can be confusing for some. The solicitor’s bill will comprise of three basic elements namely outlays, fees and VAT. Outlays are charges paid on your behalf by the solicitor. Fees is the charges for the services offered by the solicitor. VAT is the tax amount that is applicable on the fee amount but can also be applicable to certain outlays.


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